Sharks Keep Destroying Us

Jun 23, 2019

We have been having great fishing lately but the sharks are destroying us every day. Today we got this out of probably 12 good bites.

Back From Big Rock!

Jun 18, 2019

We are back from the big rock caught a nice fish and saw a few more that we didn’t get but it was an exciting tournament with a lot of big fish. Today we managed to catch 4 nice tunas away from the sharks but they won taking 6 from us!

Awesome Catch!

Jun 14, 2019

Finally caught a good one today, saw a couple the first day but it didn’t work out, today we caught a 400+ awesome fish. Congratulations to William Ramsey a 10 year old on the catch!

Happy Monday!

Aug 27, 2018

Happy Monday! We hope all of you have a great start to your week????

Tag us in your pictures!

Aug 20, 2018

Check out this awesome catch @madelynbriana made while fishing with us in July! Don’t forget to tag us in any of your Skirt Chaser pictures. We’d love to see them!

Boat Builders Tournament

Aug 2, 2018

This picture is from a few days ago during the boat builders tournament but we are hoping the fishing only gets better over the next few months. We leave Sunday morning for the biggest tournament on the east coast! Wish us well.

Fishing on the Skirt Chaser

Jul 19, 2018

Nothing is better than a day fishing aboard the Skirt Chaser!

Past few days fishing

Jul 13, 2018

Here are the last couple days of fishing for y’all- 2 out of 3 whites yesterday and a few bites today along with a few dolphin!

Replacing the rudder

Jul 11, 2018

We had a couple bad weather days so I went to haul out Monday morning to replace my rudder bearings to tighten everything up and found a broken rudder and the other one was cracked pretty bad. So after a couple of days in the boat yard we have 2 new rudders and bearings. Everything is tight and very smooth- we are back fishing tomorrow morning.

Tougher day dolphin fishing

Jul 3, 2018

Today dolphin fishing was a little tougher cause of the southeast wind. It had the grass blown all over the place but we caught a few plus a white and sail. Had a Blue try the short rigger but he missed it and never came back!

1 out of 2 White Marlin

Jul 2, 2018

Today we caught 1 out of 2 White Marlin and a limit of dolphin! It was another great day on the Skirt Chaser

Beautiful day

Jun 30, 2018

Today was absolutely beautiful and we had some great fishing! Happy Saturday!

Rough Seas

Jun 26, 2018

Today David Lewis and his boy managed the rough seas and had a great day with big tuna. ???? We hope y’all are having a nice start to your week!

Big Eye That Weighed 122 Pounds

Jun 23, 2018

The tuna fishing was pretty slow today due to green water that moved in but we marked them all day. We did end up catching one Big Eye that weighed 122pds and a couple Blue Marlin! @ Oregon Inlet Fishing Center

Sharks Are Still Terrible

Jun 20, 2018

We’ve had some great dolphin fishing the past few days! But the sharks still have been terrible. @ Oregon Inlet Fishing Center