Commercial fishing on the cap'n B

Feb 5, 2015

Here are a few pictures of our catch yesterday. Thank god for a good day and getting us back with a load of croakers. 175 boxes(null)(null)(null)(null)

Wrapping the year up!!!!

Nov 17, 2014

Today rob ran the boat and had a great day. As 2014 is drawing to the end this may be the last trip of the 2014 season. I will be getting ready for the winter season drop netting on a different boat and rob will be taking duck hunting charters so if anyone out there wants to go on a good duck hunt this winter give him a call. (252-202-5724)! I am already getting calls for the 2015 season so let's hope it will be as good as this one. Thanks for a great season and I will be posting catching this winter on here from the capt B so bring on the croakers!!!!!!!IMG_1795.JPG


Oct 25, 2014

Today we caught 2 nice wahoos a couple blackfins, a sailfish and a limit of tiles.IMG_1758-0.JPGIMG_1759-0.JPG

Old fashion meat slam

Oct 17, 2014

Today fishing was tough. Grass was scattered everywhere so it made it hard to troll but we managed to scrap it out. We caught 2 yellowfins 2 wahoos and 45 dolphin. IMG_1753.JPG


Oct 16, 2014

Today fishing was pretty good. We left a little late because of the hurricane Swell offshore but caught 8 yellowfins 5 blackfins and a couple dolphin.IMG_1750.JPG

Maybe the last one of the year!!!

Oct 13, 2014

Today we fished the point all day and never seen but one boat. We ended up catching 6 yellowfins a blackfin and maybe are last marlin of the year. A white one.IMG_1748.JPGIMG_1749.JPG

Fall fishing

Oct 11, 2014

Today we had some yellowfins, blackfins and a few tiles. IMG_1743.JPG

Rough but glad to make it!!

Sep 19, 2014

Today was choppy and fishing was slow but it was good to get back out today. We caught some dolphin and a couple white marlin. It sounds good above us so we are still hoping to get in the action. We have been blessed the last couple of years.IMG_1718.JPGIMG_1716.JPGIMG_1719.JPG

Sails and tuna

Sep 8, 2014

The last couple days we has john and his family and the wanted to go marlin fishing one day and meat fishing the other. Are marlin fishing has slowed down a little but the tuna fishing down below is good. We caught 2 sails on Saturday and 8 nice tunas on Sunday.IMG_1700.JPGIMG_1696-0.JPGIMG_1701-0.JPG

White marlins

Aug 31, 2014

Fishing the last few days have been ok but not what we would of thought after a northeast wind like we had but it sounds really good above us so maybe they will push down. We are having 3 to 5 bites a day now. We also caught some nice size bailers.IMG_1692.JPG

White marlins

Aug 25, 2014

White marlin fishing is heating up. We got a northeast wind now for a few days and it should make the fishing even better. We just got back from the virginia beach tournament and had a great time. We caught a blue and eight whites for the tournament. We got some days open so if you want to see some good white marlin fishing call me.IMG_1674.JPG

Alice Kelly

Aug 11, 2014

The past week or so the marlin fishing has been pretty good. Yesterday we fished the ladies tournament and had some bad luck but had plenty of bites. We caught just 2.

Another picture of July 21

Jul 29, 2014

A picture of me and my daughter with all the flags from July 21. 20140729-234107-85267058.jpg

Looking for some meat

Jul 25, 2014

Today we went down south hoping to caught a few tuna. Not to many! 2 is all we caught a some dolphin but we did end the day with a white marlin.20140725-182424-66264701.jpg20140725-182423-66263365.jpg

Blue marlins

Jul 24, 2014

We had a great day today with 7 nice yellowfins 1 sailfish and 2 blue marlins. 20140724-102825-37705135.jpg20140724-102824-37704302.jpg20140724-102825-37705965.jpg20140724-102826-37706791.jpg