Marlin marlin marlin

Jul 21, 2014

Today we were blessed with a great day of marlin fishing. I had my daughter ride out with me and she brought me some luck. We caught a 350lb blue marlin and 7 white marlin. 20140721-194933-71373643.jpg20140721-194932-71372820.jpg

Need the weather to get straight

Jul 19, 2014

Today was a tough day with wind a rain. It was tough fishing also. A few marlin east of the inlet but we never saw one. We had 3 tuna bites and caught 2 of them. The next few days the weather is finally gonna get calm so maybe the fish will start biting again.

Northeast breeze

Jul 18, 2014

Today it was breezy with a northeast wind about 20 to 25 and the fishing was slow. We caught a white marlin that's it. 20140718-203140-73900736.jpg20140718-203141-73901645.jpg

Finally got out.....

Jul 17, 2014

Today fishing was pretty tough. There were a lot of throw back tunas which are ones that are not legal but we trolled south and caught two 50 pound tunas and at the end of the day found done grass that came together and caught a few dolphin. Maybe tomorrow will be better you never know out there.20140717-192847-70127339.jpg

Great fishing up and down the line

Jul 11, 2014

Today it was great about any where you wanted to go fishing. The boats on the northern end had good tuna fishing and scattered marlin. We were on the lower end and caught our limit of dolphin and a sailfish. 20140711-172308-62588574.jpg20140711-172311-62591259.jpg20140711-172309-62589439.jpg20140711-172310-62590338.jpg20140711-172312-62592164.jpg20140711-172307-62587637.jpg

Bailer dolphin

Jul 10, 2014

Fishing was a little tougher today with lots of grass and very few dolphin but we managed to catch our limit towards the end of the day. 20140710-170014-61214501.jpg

Great dolphin fishing

Jul 8, 2014

It was a little sporty but we made the day. We fished a beautiful grass line a had great bailer dolphin fishing. 20140708-172340-62620989.jpg

Back fishing after storm

Jul 6, 2014

It's good to be back on the ocean. Today we headed to the south not knowing what we would find but came across a slick with some grass in it and there were the dolphins. They were cutting all over the surface and we got what we needed then set out and trolled and caught a white marlin. It was a beautiful day on the ocean.20140706-115259-42779821.jpg20140706-115258-42778971.jpg20140706-115300-42780747.jpg

Hurricane aurther

Jul 3, 2014

Moved to pirates cove for the storm. All tied up and hope everything will be ok in the next 24 hrs. Maybe Saturday we will get back out. 20140703-181131-65491286.jpg20140703-181130-65490369.jpg


Jul 2, 2014

Today we fished up in the northeast and got to see a very awesome sight. The giant bluefins were jumping and busted all over the place. Rolling and jumping right under the riggers. We finally managed to hook one but he got away. Check out the picture of the fish finder marking the bluefins.We also released another blue marlin today. That's two days in a row. 20140702-163917-59957651.jpg20140702-163916-59956724.jpg20140702-163915-59955702.jpg

Blue marlin release

Jul 1, 2014

Today we caught 35 bailer dolphin and 6 nice gaffers a tuna and a blue marlin.20140701-175526-64526261.jpg20140701-184357-67437669.jpg20140701-184356-67436800.jpg20140701-184358-67438479.jpg20140701-184359-67439318.jpg

Bailer dolphin

Jun 30, 2014

Pretty good dolphin fishing today with a few marlin today. 20140630-170011-61211967.jpg

Blue marlin fishing

Jun 29, 2014

Today we had a good friend that booked me and only wanted to go blue marlin fishing so we pulled lures all day and hooked a blue marlin at noon but once again drew hager lost another blue. That's 6 in a row he has lost from Bermuda to the DR to Oregon inlet. Drew please let Amy catch the next one. We had a blast though.


Jun 28, 2014

Today we set out and caught 4 nice tunas then the wind breezed up about 22 out of the northeast which made it pretty rough quick. Fishing was slower today cause it was hard to work. Saw a couple whites and a sail. Maybe tomorrow will be calmer.20140628-174925-64165046.jpg20140628-174926-64166230.jpg

Marlin fishing is heating up

Jun 27, 2014

Today fishing was great over all. There were tunas, dolphins and great marlin fishing out of the fleet. We didn't have the best luck but tomorrow is a different day. We jumped off a sail and missed a white. We caught a half of limit of dolphin.20140627-202500-73500451.jpg20140627-202458-73498987.jpg