Blue marlin up the pole

Jun 26, 2014

Today we caught our limit of dolphin them hooked a blue marlin that weighed 466.5. Had to start the mates pool off. 20140626-174229-63749580.jpg20140626-174232-63752394.jpg20140626-174231-63751090.jpg

Birds on tuna

Jun 25, 2014

This morning we set out and I saw a bunch of birds on some tuna. We had 8 bites and caught 6 out of it then we got on a grass line and it was great dolphin fishing. We have been very blessed with some great fishing this month. We ended up with 6 tuna a limit of dolphin and a sailfish. 20140625-174418-63858158.jpg20140625-174419-63859788.jpg20140625-174417-63857117.jpg

Marlin showing up

Jun 24, 2014

Today the marlin starting biting. We caught a white and broke off a blue but there were about 7 blues and 30 whites caught in the fleet. We also had 4 nice tuna and a bunch of dolphin.20140624-182138-66098364.jpg20140624-182139-66099372.jpg20140624-182140-66100737.jpg

61 pound gaffer dolphin

Jun 23, 2014

The tuna fishing is slowing down but thank god for the bailer dolphins. Also we had a 61 pd gaffer that's something you don't see everyday. 20140623-200112-72072771.jpg20140623-200114-72074127.jpg20140623-200111-72071716.jpg

Slower today

Jun 22, 2014

Fishing was a little slower today but we still caught 6 nice yellowfins with the biggest weighing 79 pounds. We had to deal with rain most of the day so maybe that will get out of here tonite.20140622-174237-63757718.jpg20140622-174239-63759883.jpg20140622-174238-63758750.jpg

Tuna jumping everywhere

Jun 21, 2014

We set out in the lower 700s today and caught 6 nice tunas early but it shut down sip after that so we trolled south and in the afternoon there was a good area of jumpers but they weren't biting very good but we managed to catch 3 more so we ended up with 9 good ones.20140621-171337-62017787.jpg

Tuna still here

Jun 20, 2014

The weather was beautiful today and the tuna were biting again. We saw tuna jumping everywhere when we set out but only got a few bites out of the jumpers. Little bit later we found a couple schools of tuna waking on the surface and had good action out of them. It has been a very nice class of tuna this year. Hopefully they will stick around for a while.20140620-144845-53325468.jpg20140620-144844-53324354.jpg

Tuna and dolphin

Jun 19, 2014

We started on a grass line this morning and caught our dolphin but the tuna fishing slowed up quite a bit.20140619-190956-68996614.jpg20140619-190959-68999962.jpg20140619-190957-68997912.jpg

Some more great tuna fishing

Jun 18, 2014

We set out this morning to lots of bites but they were throw backs but didn't take long for the fleet to locate the bigger ones. It is some great tuna fishing right now and hope it holds on for a while.20140618-140925-50965095.jpg20140618-140926-50966041.jpg20140618-140923-50963840.jpg

Tuna tuna tuna

Jun 17, 2014

It was great fishing today as you can tell. One time I saw over 30 boats stopped at once fighting tuna. 20140617-160454-57894171.jpg20140617-160452-57892618.jpg

First day back from tournament

Jun 16, 2014

It took a little while to get on them but ended up with a little bit of tuna and dolphins. 20140616-190955-68995232.jpg

Final day of the big rock

Jun 14, 2014

Well never saw one. Congrats to Casey Wagner on the inspiration with the 754 pound blue tgat won the tournament. What a beautiful fish. Will be back charter fishing Monday.

Dolphin fishing on our lay day

Jun 13, 2014

We took a lay day today and went dolphin fishing. We ended up catching 45 to 50 half bailiers and the other half gaffers. Tomorrow we fish the last day of the big rock. Come on ole blue. 20140613-172103-62463441.jpg20140613-172105-62465383.jpg20140613-172104-62464534.jpg

Day three of the big rock

Jun 12, 2014

Lots of action today. We set out and hooked a blue marlin in the first 30 mins but pulled him off then managed to jump off 2 whites. Finally at 1 we had a blue stay on that we released. You gotta love lure fishing. Any luck at all we would be sitting pretty good in the release division but one day left. We need that 500 pounder..... 20140612-170029-61229889.jpg20140612-170030-61230827.jpg

Day 2 of the big rock

Jun 10, 2014

Today fishing was pretty good again for the amount of boats fishing but we only saw one white. Gonna lay tomorrow and try it again on Thursday.